StageUnit CodeUnit TitleUnit Type
Y1S1UCU D105HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse Core
Y1S1KAB D101Introduction to Agricultural Economics  Core
Y1S1KAG D102Principles of Crop Production  Core
Y1S1KSW D101Introduction to Soil Science  Core
Y1S2SBT D101General BotanyCore
Y1S1SCH D101Basic Chemistry ICore
Y1S1SMA D110Mathematics for SciencesCore
Y1S1SZL D101General ZoologyCore
Y1S2UCU D106Communication Skills Core
Y1S2UCU D102 Introduction to Computer ApplicationsCore
Y1S2KAB D103Agricultural Production EconomicsCore
Y1S2KAB D104Consumer behaviourCore
Y1S2KAE D102Farm Structures and Design Core
Y1S2KAG D105Agricultural Research and ReportingCore
Y1S2KAG D106Principles of Plant BreedingCore
Y1S2KAN D106Rangeland Management Core
Y1S2KAN D108Principles of Animal ProductionCore
Y1S2MCD D110Ecology and Environmental ScienceCore
Y1S2SBT D102Principles of GeneticsCore
Y2S1KAB D201Farm Management and AccountingCore
Y2S1KAB D202Development EconomicsCore
Y2S1KAB D203Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology Core
Y2S1KAE D201Farm Power and MachineryCore
Y2S1KAG D201Annual CropsCore
Y2S1KAG D202Crop Protection Core
Y2S1KAG D203Seed Science and Technology Core
Y2S1KAN D201Livestock Production Systems (Ruminant Production) Core
Y2S1KAN D208Animal Nutrition and Pasture ManagementCore
Y2S1KAN D209Principles of AnimaticsCore
Y2S1KAN D210Livestock DutiesCore
Y2S1KHF D208Principles of Fruit and Vegetable Production Core
Y2S1KSW D201Soil Fertility and  Plant Nutrition Core
Y2S2KAB D204       Principles of Agricultural MarketingCore
Y2S2KAB D205Principles of Human Resource ManagementCore
Y2S2KAB D206Entrepreneurship in Agriculture Core
Y2S2KAB D207Local and International Trade in AgricultureCore
Y2S2KAG D204Perennial CropsCore
Y2S2KAG D205Field AttachmentCore
Y2S2KAG D206Research ProjectCore
Y2S2KAH D207Animal DiseasesCore
Y2S2KAN D205Livestock Products Systems (Non-Ruminants) Core
Y2S2KHF D209Post Harvest TechnologyCore
Y2S2KSW D202Soil and Water ManagementCore
Duration:  2 Years  

Minimum Entry-Requirement:

i. Mean grade of C- (minus) at KCSE or its equivalent, and D+ (plus) in Biology, Chemistry/Physics/ Mathematics/Agriculture.
ii. A Certificate in Agriculture or a related field from a recognised institution with at least a credit or, with a pass and at least two (2) years proven and relevant work experience.

Statutory and Tuition Fees Per Year:

East Africans: Ksh. 100,150/= ; 1st Semester 57,325/=, 2nd Semester 42,825/=

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For further information contact:

Senior Assistant Registrar (Admissions)
Contacts: Cell: +254 786 727 899 | Tel: +254 41 7525 103/4/6 | Fax: +254 41 7522 128. | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.