Diploma in Animal Health and Management
StageCodeUnit DescriptionUnit Type
Y1S1UCU D105HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse Core
Y1S1KAH D101AnatomyCore
Y1S1KAH D102Animal Physiology Core
Y1S1KAN D101Basic Animal Breeding and GeneticsCore
Y1S1KAN D102Animal Nutrition and FeedingCore
Y1S1KAN D103Pasture and Fodder Production and ConservationCore
Y1S1KAN D104BiochemistryCore
Y1S2UCU D106Communication Skills Core
Y1S2KAE D102Farm Structures and DesignCore
Y1S2KAH D103Parasitology Core
Y1S2KAH D104MicrobiologyCore
Y1S2KAH D105General PathologyCore
Y1S2KAH D106Immunology and Vaccines Core
Y1S2KAH D107Field TrainingCore
Y1S2KAH D108Zoonoses and One Health ConceptCore
Y1S2KAH D109Animal Health Applied SkillsCore
Y1S2KAN D105Biostatistics and Basic Computer ApplicationCore
Y1S2KAN D106Rangeland Management Core
Y1S2KAN D107Apiculture and AquacultureCore
Y2S1EAX D201Rural Sociology and DevelopmentCore
Y2S1KAH D202Bacterial and Fungal DiseasesCore
Y2S1KAH D203Viral, Rickettsial and Parasitic DiseasesCore
Y2S1KAH D204Metabolic, Nutritional and Reproductive Diseases and DisordersCore
Y2S1KAH D205Pharmacology and ToxicologyCore
Y2S1KAH D206Clinical PathologyCore
Y2S1KAH D207Public Health and EpidemiologyCore
Y2S1KAN D201Livestock Production Systems (Ruminant Production)Core
Y2S2EAX D204Extension EducationCore
Y2S2KAB D204Entrepreneurship in AgricultureCore
Y2S2KAH D201Research ProjectsCore
Y2S2KAH D208Herd Health & Clinical RoundsCore
Y2S2KAH D209Field AttachmentCore
Y2S2KAN D202Animal Welfare, Ethics & LawCore
Y2S2KAN D203Livestock Products Systems (Non-Ruminants)Core
Y2S2KAN D204Camel and Donkey ProductionCore
Duration:  2 Years  

Minimum Entry-Requirements:

i. Holders of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum aggregate of C and a grade of at least C in Biology or Biological Sciences, Chemistry or Physical Sciences plus either Mathematics, Physics or Agriculture.

ii. Holders of KCE/EACE with a Division II and at least a credit in Biology or Biological Sciences, Chemistry or Physical Sciences plus either Mathematics, Physics or Agriculture. OR
iii. Holders of a credit pass certificate in animal health/agriculture with at least an aggregate of C- at KCSE or division III at KCE.

iv. Holders of an “A” level certificate with a minimum of one principal pass and at least a subsidiary pass in Biology and Chemistry.

v. Diploma in biomedical discipline recognized by KVB

Statutory and Tuition Fees Per Year:

East Africans: Ksh. 100,150/=; 1st Semester 57,325/=, 2nd Semester 42,825/=

Application form: Click Here

For further information contact:

Senior Assistant Registrar (Admissions)
Contacts: Cell: +254 786 727 899 | Tel: +254 41 7525 103/4/6 | Fax: +254 41 7522 128. | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.