Diploma in Applied Biology

StageUnit CodeUnit TitleUnit Type
Y1S1UCU D106Communication SkillsCORE
Y1S1SBT D102General BotanyCORE
Y1S1SBT D110Botanical Techniques CORE
Y1S1SCH D101Basic ChemistryCORE
Y1S1SCT D121Fundamentals of Computer OperationsCORE
Y1S1SMA D100Basic MathematicsCORE
Y1S1SZL D108HistologyCORE
Y1S1SZL D109Survey of Animal KingdomCORE
Y1S2SBT D103Basic MicrobiologyCORE
Y1S2SBT D111Plant Biochemistry and PhysiologyCORE
Y1S2SBT D112Plant TaxonomyCORE
Y1S2SBT D113Fundamentals of ResearchCORE
Y1S2SBT D114Industrial Attachment ICORE
Y1S2SCH D103Analytical ChemistryCORE
Y1S2SZL D107Principles of Animal PhysiologyCORE
Y1S2SZL D110Introduction to EcologyCORE
Y1S2SZL D111Zoological TechniquesCORE
Y2S1MEP D101Environmental Planning and ManagementCORE
Y2S1SBT D101GeneticsCORE
Y2S1SBT D108Plant PathologyCORE
Y2S1SBT D200Introduction to Soil ScienceCORE
Y2S1SZL D202Fundamentals of ParasitologyCORE
Y2S1SZL D203HaematologyCORE
Y2S1SZL D204Principles and Practice of AquacultureCORE
Y2S1SZL D205Laboratory Practice and ManagementCORE
Y2S2DAB D108Entrepreneurship SkillsCORE
Y2S2SBT D203Introductory Molecular BiologyCORE
Y2S2SBT D204Principles of BiotechnologyCORE
Y2S2SBT D205Industrial Microbiology CORE
Y2S2SBT D206Pharmacology and Toxicology CORE
Y2S2SZL D206Vector BiologyCORE
Y2S2SZL D207Basic ImmunologyCORE
Y2S2SZL D208Animal HusbandryCORE
Y2S2SZL D209Industrial attachment IICORE

Minimum Entry-Requirements:

KCSE mean grade C- (Minus) or its equivalent, with D+ (plus) in Biology; or KCSE mean grade of D+ (plus) and a Certificate in applied Biology in related field from a recognised institution

Statutory and Tuition Fees Per Year:

East Africans: Ksh. 100,150/=; 1st Semester 57,325/=, 2nd Semester 42,825/=

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For further information contact:

Senior Assistant Registrar (Admissions)
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