Diploma in Information Technology

StageCourse CodeCourseTitleCourse Type
Y1S1SIT D101Introduction to Computers and Data ProcessingCORE
Y1S1SIT D102Database SystemsCORE
Y1S1SIT D103Desktop PublishingCORE
Y1S1SIT D104Computer Support and MaintenanceCORE
Y1S1SIT D105Internet TechnologyCORE
Y1S1SMA D120Mathematics for Computer ScienceCORE
Y1S2UCC D106Communication skillsCORE
Y1S2SIT D107Networking EssentialsCORE
Y1S2SIT D108Web DevelopmentCORE
Y1S2SIT D111Computer ApplicationsCORE
Y1S2SIT D112Object-Oriented Progarmming ICORE
Y1S2SCS D124Introduction to ProgrammingCORE
Y2S1SIT D201Information Technology ProjectCORE
Y2S1SIT D202Electronic CommerceCORE
Y2S1SIT D203Event Driven ProgrammingCORE
Y2S1SIT D204Human Computer InteractionCORE
Y2S1SIT D205Multimedia TechnologiesCORE
Y2S1SIT D206Information SecurityCORE
Y2S2UCC D107Ethics and IntegrityCORE
Y2S2SIT D201Information Technology ProjectCORE
Y2S2SIT D207Web Development IICORE
Y2S2SIT D208Software Project ManagementCORE
Y2S2SIT D209Transaction Processing SystemsCORE
Y2S2SIT D211Industrial AttachmentCORE

Minimum Entry-Requirements:

KCSE mean grade C- (Minus) or its equivalent, with D+ (plus) in Physics or Mathematics;  OR,  KCSE mean grade of D+ (plus) and a Certificate in Information Technology or in a related field from a recognised institution.

Statutory and Tuition Fees Per Year:

East Africans: Ksh. 100,150/= ; 1st Semester 57,325/=, 2nd Semester 42,825/=

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For further information contact:

Senior Assistant Registrar (Admissions)
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