Master of Environmental Science

StageUnit CodeUnit DescriptionUnit Type
Y1S1MNS G802Environment and DevelopmentCore
Y1S1MNS G803Statistical Analysis Techniques Core
Y1S1MNS G804Research MethodologyCore
Y1S1MNS G805Environmental Impact AssessmentCore
Y1S1MNS G806Climate Change and Global WarmingCore
Y1S2MNS G807Ecological TechniquesCore
Ecosystem Dynamics and Biodiversity 
Y1S2MNS G810Ecosystem Structure and FunctionElective
Y1S2MNS G811Population and Community Ecology Elective
Y1S2MNS G812Evolution and EnvironmentElective
Y1S2MNS G813BiodiversityElective
Y1S2MNS G814Ecosystems of East AfricaElective
Y1S2MNS G815Wetland EcologyElective
Y1S2MNS G816Coastal and Marine EcosystemsElective
Natural Resources  
Y1S2MNS G820 Soil Resources  and Conservation Elective
Y1S2MNS G821Water Resources Elective
Y1S2MNS G822Food Resources Production and SecurityElective
Y1S2MNS G823Forest Resources Elective
Y1S2MNS G824Wildlife ResourcesElective
Y1S2MNS G825Energy ResourcesElective
Y1S2MNS G826Mineral ResourcesElective
Y1S2MNS G827Land Use DynamicsElective
Y1S2MNS G828Rangeland Resources Elective
Y1S2MNS G829BiotechnologyElective
Pollution Control and Industrial Safety 
Y1S2MNS G830Air Pollution Elective
Y1S2MNS G831Water PollutionElective
Y1S2MNS G832Toxic Substances and Environmental Health Elective
Y1S2MNS G833Occupational Safety Elective
Y1S2MNS G834Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production Elective
Y1S2MNS G835Industrial Hazardous WasteElective
Y1S2MNS G836Pesticides and Pest ControlElective
Y1S2MNS G837Environmental Health and DiseaseElective
Y1S2MNS G838Pollution ControlElective
Y1S2MNS G839Isotopes and PollutionElective
Environment and Urbanization 
Y1S2MNS G840Urban Environment AssessmentElective
Y1S2MNS G841Urban Population Dynamics Elective
Y1S2MNS G842Urban Human Settlements Elective
Y1S2MNS G843Urban Policy DevelopmentElective
Y1S2MNS G844Urban Ecological Foot PrintElective
Y1S2MNS G845Urban Growth Patterns and Land UseElective
Y1S2MNS G846Energy and Urban EnvironmentElective
Y1S2MNS G847Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Elective
Y1S2MNS G848Urban Forestry Elective
Energy and Environment 
Y1S2MNS G850Energy Resources Elective
Y1S2MNS G851Energy and Social Issues Elective
Y1S2MNS G852Renewable Energy Technologies Elective
Y1S2MNS G853Rural Energy in Developing Countries Elective
Y1S2MNS G854Energy Policies for Sustainable DevelopmentElective
Y1S2MNS G855Energy Economics Elective
Y1S2MNS G856Petroleum Energy Elective
Y1S2MNS G857Geothermal Energy Elective
Y1S2MNS G858Fuel wood EnergyElective
Y2S1MNS G801ThesisCore
Y2S2MNS G801ThesisCore
 Duration:   2 Years  

Minimum Entry requirements:

Bachelors degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Education, Geography, Geology, Meteorology, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Technology, Agriculture or Engineering with a minimum of Second Class Honours (Upper Division)


Second Class (Lower Division) with evidence of at least two (2) years relevant working experience

Statutory and Tuition Fees Per Year:

East Africans Ksh. 155,000; 1st Semester 78,750/=, 2nd Semester 76,250/=

Non-East Africans Ksh. 285,000; 1st Semester 143,750/=, 2nd Semester 141,250/=

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For further information contact:

Senior Assistant Registrar (Admissions)
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