BA  in Islamics Studies

StageUnit CodeUnit TitleUnit Type
Y1S1UCU B103Introduction to Creative and Critical ThinkingCore 
Y1S1UCU B106Communication SkillsCore 
Y1S1ALA B101 Introduction to the Study of LanguageCore 
Y1S1ALA B102 Language Skills in Arabic ICore 
Y1S1AIS B101Introduction to QuranCore 
Y1S1ARE B101Introduction to African Religious HeritageCore 
Y1S1APH B101Introduction to LogicCore 
Y1S1APH B102Introduction to PhilosophyCore 
Y1S1ASC B101Introduction to AnthropologyCore 
Y1S1ASC B102Introduction to SociologyCore 
Y1S2UCU B102Computer ApplicationsCore 
Y1S2UCU B107Ethics and IntegrityCore 
Y1S2ALA B103History and Development of Arabic LanguageCore 
Y1S2ALA B104Language Culture and EthnographyCore 
Y1S2AIS B102Islamic Historiography ICore 
Y1S2ARE B102Sociology of ReligionCore 
Y1S2APH B103Moral PhilosophyCore 
Y1S2APH B104Ancient PhilosophyCore 
Y1S2ASC B103Social Statistics ICore 
Y2S1ALA B201Arabic Phonetics and PhonologyCore 
Y2S1ALA B202Introduction to Literature in ArabicCore 
Y2S1AIS B201History of Islamic Civilization and ReligionCore 
Y2S1ARE B201Phenomenology of ReligionCore 
Y2S1AIS B203Introduction to Islamic MysticismElective
Y2S1AIS B204Early Modern Arabic LiteratureElective
Y2S1APH B201Propositional LogicCore 
Y2S1APH B202EpistemologyCore 
Y2S1ASC B201Methods of Social Research ICore
Y2S1ASC B202Sociological Theory ICore
Y2S2ALA B203Language Skills in Arabic IICore 
Y2S2ALA B204Introduction to the Theory and Practice of TranslationCore 
Y2S2AIS B202Muslim EthicsCore 
Y2S2ARE B202Comparative ReligionCore 
Y2S2AIS B205Islamic Historiography IIElective
Y2S2ARE B203Belief Systems in AfricaElective
Y2S2APH B203Environmental PhilosophyCore 
Y2S2APH B204MetaphysicsCore 
Y2S2ASC B203Methods of Social Research IICore 
Y2S2ASC B204Social ChangeCore 
Y3S1AIS B301Theory and Method of Inquiry in Islamic StudiesCore 
Y3S1AIS B302Islamic Law and Muslim InstitutionsCore 
Y3S1AIS B303Islam in East AfricaCore 
Y3S1ARE B301Religion and Political Movements in AfricaCore 
Y3S1ARE B302New Religious Movements in KenyaCore 
Y3S1ARE B303Philosophy of ReligionCore 
Y3S1SMA B369Social Statistics and Data AnalysisElective
Y3S2AIS B304Islamic Theology and PrinciplesCore 
Y3S2AIS B305Islam in AfricaCore 
Y3S2AIS B306Anthropology of IslamCore 
Y3S2ARE B304Religion and Customary Law in AfricaCore 
Y3S2ARE B305Social and Political PhilosophyCore 
Y4S1AIS B401Islamic PhilosophyCore 
Y4S1AIS B402Critical Study of Quran ad Hadith TextsCore 
Y4S1AIS B403Modern Islamic Reform MovementsCore 
Y4S1AIS B404Exploration of Islamic Law and Practice in AfricaCore 
Y4S1ARE B401Research ProjectCore 
Y4S2AIS B405Islam and Human RightsCore 
Y4S2AIS B406Theory and Practice in Islamic InheritanceCore 
Y4S2ARE B401Research ProjectCore 
Y4S2ARE B402Women in Religion and Culture in AfricaCore 
Y4S2ARE B403Islam, Christianity and African ReligionCore 
Y4S2AIS B407Islam in Northern AfricaElective
Y4S2AIS B408Christian Muslim Relation; Past, Present and FutureElective

Minimum Entry-Requirements:

(i) Mean grade of C+ (Plus) at KCSE or equivalent.
(ii) Mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE and Diploma in Theology/Religion from a recognised institution.
(iii) Mean grad e of C-(Minus) at KCSE and a Certificate and Diploma in Theology/Religion from recognised institutions.

Statutory and Tuition Fees Per Year:

East Africans: Ksh. 121,400/=.
1st Semester 62,200/=, 2nd Semester 59,200/=

M-PESA Paybill No. 986 450

Application form: Click Here

For further information contact:

Senior Assistant Registrar (Admissions)
Contacts: Cell: +254 786 727 899 | Tel: +254 41 7525 103/4/6 | Fax: +254 41 7522 128. | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.