Prof. Yakobo Mutiti, Dean

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Pwani University, is an academic centre for the Social Sciences, Humanities and Liberal Arts. It houses the Department of Social Sciences under which Sociology, Psychology, Child-care and Protection, Political Science, History and Archaeology, and the university common course HIV and AIDS, are subsumed; the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, under which courses in Philosophy, Christian Studies, and Islamic Studies, and the university common course Ethics and Integrity, are taught; and the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Literature. Under the auspices of this department, English Language and Linguistics, Kiswahili: Fasihi na Isimu ya Lugha, as well as Arabic, German and French taught at language learner beginner levels and advanced stages are offered, and also the university common course Communication Skills.

Prospective students may pursue the broadly defined Bachelor of Arts program which enables them to have an array of choices in Sociology, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Political Science, History and Archaeology, Literature, English Language & Linguistics, Kiswahili, Arabic, German and French.

The School has Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) graduate and postgraduate programs in Sociology, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Kiswahili, English Language & Linguistics, and Literature.

Academic Staff Profiles

Prof. Halimu Shauri SuleimanCOD, Associate ProfessorCurriculum Vitae
Dr.Gordon Onyango OmenyaLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Edwin Wangoli WanjawaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Nicholas Ajwang'LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Robert Oswago OmondiAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Leonard MbingaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Harrun Garrashi HusseinAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Ezekiel SomeAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Stanley WanjalaTutorial FellowCurriculum Vitae

Fredrick Ochieng Agola

Assistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Ibrahim BusoloAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Edith MianoAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae

Academic Staff Profiles

Prof. Yakobo James Kariuki MutitiDean, ProfessorCurriculum Vitae
Prof. Rocha ChimerahProfessorCurriculum Vitae
Prof. Jonathan ChaiProfessorCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Catherine MwangiCOD, LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Remmy Shiundu BarasaLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Nancy NgowaLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Maina MutonyaSenior LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Justus Chimoni MtendeLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Augustine Fredrick NdegwaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Marissa Muandike FurahaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Salim Ismail KassimAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Thomson Joseph WazomeAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Violet AuraAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Rukia HarithAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Ali Wasi MwabayaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Justus Chimoni MtendeLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Louis MihinganoAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Elizabeth Jumwa MunyayaLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Sarah WallaceLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Alexander MuthangaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Hassan BareAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae

Academic Staff Profiles

Prof. Hassan Abdulrahman MwakimakoAssociate ProfessorCurriculum Vitae
Prof. Stephen Muoki JoshuaAssociate ProfessorCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Francis Gikonyo WokabiCOD, Senior LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Stephen Omondi OwinoLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Ali Hemed AwadhLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Tsawe Munga ChidongoSenior LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Dorcus Chebet JumaLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Ferdinand Manjewa M'bwangiAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Reuben MusasiaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Christopher Oyoo YayeLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Carolyne S.M. BuyaTutorial FellowCurriculum Vitae