TICASS Project


Technologies of Imaging in Communication Art and Social Sciences (TICASS) is a collaborative research project that brings together some six academic institutions. These are:
1. Akademia Sztuki (Poland)
2. University of Macerata (Italy)
3. Polish University Abroad (UK)
4. SENK (Poland)
5. Univerzita Jan Evangelista (UJEP) – (Czech Republic)
6. Pwani University (Kenya)
It is a 3 year project between 2017-2020 which is funded by the European Union under Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions- MSCA Research and innovation staff exchange-Horizon 2020 (Grant Agreement number: 734602.  The main objective of the project is to discover the abilities and limitations of visual technologies in communication and art in the contemporary urban iconosphere in the context of cultural, political and economic differences from the perspective of social sciences.
The projects has had several secondments so far. Two secondments were hosted by Pwani Univerisity in Kilifi between February and March and in July 2018 respectively. Pwani University Scholars have participated in two secondments already, the first being in April-June 2019 in London and the second in University of Macerata in Italy between October-December 2019. The third and last secondment was scheduled to take place in Czech Republic in April-June 2020 and has been delayed on account of Covid19. The project has hosted various international conferences, workshops, and produced two book publications besides a richnetwork of relations that has born several MOUs and patnerships that are ongoing.
Currently, thePwani university team consist of five members of staff namely:
1. Prof. Stephen Muoki Joshua, coordinator 
2. Dr. Tsawe Munga Chidongo
3. Dr. Ibrahim Busolo
4. Mr. Michael Maua
5. Ms. Florence Nelly Mtuweta