Capt (rtd) Dr. Makorani Y’Dhidha-a-Mjidho, SBStJ (Dean)


The School of Health and Human Sciences (SHHS) is a relatively new school having been approved by the senate in July, 2014. It is housed at the Health Sciences Complex within the University. Currently the school has a total of 16 teaching and 3 non-teaching staff, headed by the Dean, Capt (rtd) Dr. Makorani Y’Dhidha-a-Mjidho, SBStJ. The school is made up of four departments namely:

  1. Department of  Nursing,  chaired by Mr. Isaac Kyalo
  2. Department of  Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, chaired by Prof. JackinNanua
  3. Department of  Public Health, chaired by Dr. OsmanAbdullahi,
  4. Department of Anatomy & Physiology, chaired by Prof. Jameela Hassanali.

Currently the school runs the following programs:

    • BSc. Nursing,
    • BSc. Nursing (upgrading)
    • BSc. Environmental Health,
    • BSc. Environmental Health (upgrading),
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Biomedical Research Methods,
    • Masters in Public Health,
    • PhD (in Health and Human Sciences discipline)

Department of Anatomy and Physiology (DAP)

1. Prof. JameelaHassanali Lecturer/Chair of Department
2. Dr. Sophia Mwachai Lecturer
3. Dr. Naji Said Aboud Hadi Lecturer/School Exam Coordinator

Department of Public Health (DPH)

1. Dr. Osman O. Abdullalhi Lecturer/Chair of Department
2. Dr. Omar Ally Lecturer
3. Mr. Erick Serem Lecturer/School Exam Coordinator

Department of Nursing Sciences (DNS)

1. Mr. Isaac Kyalo Lecturer/Chair of Department
2. Mr. Juma Mwaswere Lecturer/School Exam Coordinator
3. Ms NickcyMbuthia Lecturer
4. Mr. Abednego Kioko Lecturer
5. Mr. Martin Mulala Lecturer
6. Mr. Stevenson Chea Lecturer

Department of Foods Nutrition and Dietetics

1. Prof. Jackin Nanua Professor/Chair of Department
2. Ms. Patricia Mbogoh Lecturer/School Exam Coordinator
3. Dr. Bitange N. Tochi Lecturer
4. Mrs. Emma Muthoni Mwafaida Lecturer

Support staff

1. Loice Ishugah Administrative Assistant
2. Catherine Mulley Dean’s secretary
3. Betty Katana Departmental Secretary