PU Bless the World Initiative

A world where my blessing benefits others and makes human life in general worth living


PU-Bless the World Initiative is an approved motivational programme at Pwani University. It seeks to make a positive difference at Pwani University, our Coastal region, our country Kenya and the World. It is based on the conviction that we have a duty to develop and use our God-given abilities to make our social and natural environment better for all. Our rich religious and cultural heritage provide basic values and principles that provide a framework on which to operate effectively and efficiently. As believers in an Almighty God and appreciative of all endowments and gifts we enjoy from God, we pledge to create hope and an environment where all people are respected and valued, quality service provided and human potential appreciated and developed. This is in line with our goal of enculturating quality at Pwani University.


A world where my blessing benefits others and makes human life in general worth living


  1. To promote a reverence for God and respect for humanity among staff and students through interactive activities based on sound values and principles.
  2. To enhance identification and development of human potential and by so doing enhance the quality of teaching, learning, research and service to society.


  1. Mentorship and Training on Godliness for students, staff, families, groups and corporates
  2. Attitude and Character Transformation Seminars and Workshops
  3. Internal Quality Assurance in Education

Contact Person

Dr. Francis Wokabi
Dr. Francis WokabiChair, PU-Bless The World Initiativef.wokabi@pu.ac.ke
Mr. Alexander Muthanga
Mr. Alexander MuthangaSecretary, PU-Bless The World Initiativea.muthanga@pu.ac.ke
Ms. Martha Wabosha
Ms. Martha WaboshaSecretary, Directorate of Quality Assurancem.wabosha@pu.ac.ke

PU Contacts

  • Address: P.O Box 195-80108, Kilifi, Kenya.
  • Phone: +254 725 91 61 45 | +254 786 727 899