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  • The Flexi-Biogas Project
    The Flexi-Biogas Demonstration Unit at Pwani University is a Multidisciplinary Project under the motto "Zero waste". The Unit utilises Food waste from the Kitchen to Produce Biogas that is pumped back to the Kitchen, moreover, The Bioslurry from the Digesters is a potent organic Fertilizer. A Shade Net farm house has been installed to grow vegetables. The demo unit is an educational center setting the pace for other Universities, Colleges a d Schools. The vision is to scale up operations upto the level where all cooking gas for the Kitchen will be from Biogas. This is still a work in Progress. The Project Principal Investigator Prof. Rewe Thomas collaborates with other Insitutions even to build their Capacity in Biogas Technologies. The Project has also reached out to communities and installed Domestic Biogas Units for their heating and Cooling needs. We look forward to Greater Progress in the coming years.
  • PU Alumni Association
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CHAUKIDU Conference at PU

02 July 2020

KONGAMANO LA KIMATAIFA LA 6 LA CHAUKIDU CHUO KIKUU CHA PWANI, KILIFI KENYA, DESEMBA 15-17, 2020 Mada kuu: Kiswahili na Viswahili: Kuelekea Karne Moja ya Usanifishaji kwa maelezo zaidi bonyeza...

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