Board of Undergraduate Studies

Ask the graduates! Learning experience at Pwani University has never been better. The Board of Undergraduate Studies, popularly rendered as ‘the BUS’, has been proactive in mitigating challenges associated with learning processes at PU, right through admission, registration, program transfers, class-room experience, field attachment, examination, certification and alumni experience. Strategically constituted to ease all types of ‘bottle-necks’ in all undergraduate studies levels, that is first degree, diploma and certificate, the BUS membership comprise of among others, the library, quality assurance, representative of all teaching schools, student leaders, dean of students, registrar student and academic affairs, timetable section, senate representative and admissions office.
As it celebrates two years of active companionship with PU students in their pilgrimage of university education, the BUS is proudly associated with certain initiatives that are fast turning PU to the university of choice for many learners in Kenya and beyond. These include curriculum rationalization process which has seen readjustments of PU curricular to match with the market and requirements of regulatory bodies such as Commission for University Education (CUE), the Nursing Board, Teacher Service Commission (TSC), Doctors and Dentist Board, Public Health Board, Animal Health, and many more. For example, PU has adjusted its budget and curriculum to allow all its graduates to have an extended field learning experience and prepare them adequately to acquire work related skills and etiquette alongside theoretical knowledge in class room. Similarly, the BUS has journeyed with Alumni of PU in tracer study and establishment of the association, it has considered at length and advised on matters of student inter and intra-school program transfers, it has coordinated various staff and students exchange programmes, both at local and international levels, it has added value in soliciting and dispensing bursary to needy students. Now, more than ever, the BUS looks at the mammoth but unavoidable challenge of virtual learning as the future of global university education.
The future is bright! As the ‘Kenyan University’ undergoes major shifts due to fast changing context on account of external processes such as the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), the Blue Economy, the ever-shifting government funding conditions, and the Covid 19 closure of education sector in the countrythe BUS is well ‘fueled’ and fully endowed with capacity to make learning experience at Pwani University truly world-class, memorable, pleasurable, and life-long edifying.

PU Contacts

  • Address: P.O Box 195-80108, Kilifi, Kenya.
  • Phone: +254 725 91 61 45 | +254 786 727 899